AMPM® – E-Commerce App – B2C Application, Client AMPM Electronics

Technologies used: HTML5, PHP, CARDOVA

Platforms Include – Android, iOS, Windows and Web

Ever since internet has seen a surge in user penetration, it has led to an apparent increase in awareness and internet based transactions.  Such is the swell in user base, 1 out of 3 users internet user’s remains connected through the day. The traditional and conventional chores has transformed with a dash of inter web in daily lives. And so has the usual practice of ‘Shopping’. One of the most highly growing service platforms is retail industry where enterprises are no longer banking on patrons walking in to their store. A high footfall doesn’t always translate to conversion at the cash register. To tap on to the growing demand of internet usage, AMPM® has been designed as an ingenious technology product that transports a physical store into a browser screen. It’s typically different from a marketplace websites. AMPM® recognises the growing control that an enterprise looks for in order to build a personal connect and brand positioning with the consumer. AMPM® essentially lists the entire catalogue of the store online giving a flexible and eased user experience to the customer for making a right choice. The philosophy of AMPM® is making internet based service a ‘Hyper-Local Access’ platform wherein, the enterprise connects with his customer base directly. AMPM® brings an added edge for the enterprise with a volley of aftermarket services that are rendered through the listed products.

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