CityBlaze® – Open Source B2C Application

Technologies used: Java (Advanced) CARDOVA

Platforms Include – Android, iOS, Windows and Web

Internet with the advent of smartphone technology has revolutionized and transformed ‘Business-Customer’ relationship. Besides the wide social media usage, the technology has redefined the way a user looks for any information today. The ever busy daily schedule of a person needs quick and eased access for a person. In any given demography, the ‘Utility Service’ sector has been the traditional brick & mortar business. While the stand alone services are effective, the challenge lies in its reach to a consumer. Likewise, a consumer or a user is usually left scrambling for service providers on utility sector.

City Blaze® transforms this very behaviour from the Enterprise as well as the User’s perspective. City Blaze® is a state-of-the-art ingenious technology product that provides information and service related details in a jiffy. The product translates the way one looks for a service. The model of LoNECT Locate – Navigate – Explore – Contact – Transact brings the service provide in foreground and takes the user closer to the enterprise. The GPS location driven tool enables the user find and connect with Utility Service provides from a wide spectrum of categories. Be it, getting medicines from a pharmacy, or getting your appliances fixed, or get your stalled vehicle towed for repair, City Blaze® will be the ‘GoTo’ tool. Apart from this, the unique Help-in-Distress ‘SOS’ service will get the emergency assistant in the time of any kind of exigencies.

The location based service and information availability not just brings ease for information access but also empowers a netizen in the dynamic internet era.


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