Order Ezi

Order Ezi

Order Ezi®  Clients – B2B Customer Application

Technologies used: Core Java, HTML, CSS, Phone Gap, java Script, Angular Js,  JQuery , Spring framework

Platforms Include – Android, iOS, Windows and Web

Introducing a cutting edge mode of enabling a choice, where patrons handpick a favourite gastronomical experience. Order Ezi® transforms the way a guest is empowered about making that right choice.

Visualize the menu that evoke the brand value and abet you to position your brand through the most interactive platform with Order Ezi® App. The electronic catalogue offers robust features that not only help the enterprise to update the catalogue anytime but also improves the overall experience for the patrons. The e-catalogue provides a simple yet elegant interface offering smooth navigation through menu making it a delightful experience.

Order Ezi® runs on digital tablets giving the power to be on the most useful handheld device. So, no more hassles of dealing with paperback menu cards, no more trouble of recurring printing cost whenever you shall update your signature menu. No more annoyed customers who sometimes find the paperback soggy or messy. Order Ezi® is not just tool that would marginalize your recurring cost, it’s a futuristic way of dealing with your guest. It adds a dimension to your brand and enhances the customer experience.

Just not that. Order Ezi® also wears the hat of an online food order tool giving the much needed ease and freedom to place orders from a list of varied restaurants based on location proximity. Order Ezi® caters not only to the patrons but also to the consumers giving them a wide array of choices.

Chef using digital tablet with images of foods