SmartOpx® – Clients: AMPM Electronics, Sony Electronics

When you walk into a multi brand store, one thing that overwhelms you is the enormous amount of products to choose from. What makes it somewhat an uncomfortable experience is the inability to make a substantial comparison to make the right decision. SmartOpx® is a state-of-the-art application based product that empowers the consumer to make a ‘Rational Decision’. Giving the customers the ease and convenience to peruse the store’s product gallery is something that surely delights them. SmartOpx® does the job without having a manual interface.

Irrespective of the number of footfalls, a retail store can easily manage the walk-in flow by making the inventory available to prospects at the tip of their finger. SmartOpx® works on dual pronged approach to transform the way we shop today.

1.Brings the product information to the palm of the consumer empowering them with every minute details of the product and intra category intuitive comparison. Customers do not need to wait for the intervention of a shop representative empowering them to make a rational and informed decision

2.Improves the store efficiency by digitizing sales operations and effectively leads to cost benefit and Store administrator can get real time data on inventory movement and ease to make real time changes in terms of product price and customize offers and discounts

SmartOpx® digitizes a typical store operation keeping in mind the most significant role a customer plays. It not only enhances the efficiency of the store workforce but creates a unique user experience to enhance the brand equation. SmartOpx® caters to the dynamic need of retail enterprises by giving them the freedom and ease of customizations and tailor-made front end user interfaces.

Businessman showing map and icon application on virtual screen. Concept of online business.