Business Re-Engineering

Business process re-engineering (BPR) is the analysis and redesign of workflows within and between enterprises in order to optimize end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks. Our team of experts bring core competency in the areas of Operational Excellence and Business Transformation through their core business insight and experience. Our methodology focuses on radical redesign and reorganization of an enterprise to lower costs and increase quality of service and that information technology is the key enabler for that radical change.

Our key methodology for Business Re-engineering encompasses 7 key philosophies.

Organize around outcomes, not tasks
Identify all the processes in an organization and prioritize them in order of redesign urgency.
Integrate information processing work into the real work that produces the information.
Treat geographically dispersed resources as though they were centralized.
Link parallel activities in the workflow instead of just integrating their results.
Put the decision point where the work is performed, and build control into the process.
Capture information once and at the source.

Our 5 key focus areas

a) Strategic Alignment
b) Project Management
c) Process Architecture
d) Process Excellence
e) Change Management

Our Process Excellence foundations enable us to win the client confidence and hand over Value benefits to them

5S for Structure
Kaizen for Overview & Insight
Lean for Stability
6 Sigma for Capability enhancement
DFSS for robust and consistent operations and delivery

Some projects that we managed for clients

Improving Employee Output
Reduction of activity cycle time
Revenue optimization
Improve sales volume
Streamline Payroll function
Set-up Asset Management process
Enhance manpower utilization