“Getting employment to global village through smart employee services” MacTec – Smart People Solutions and Smart Employee Services together brings highly talented employee pool that helps companies and employers globally to outsource Technology and Finance & Accounting jobs. MacTec specializes in providing staff of the highest quality who will continue to exceed your expectations for the speed, accuracy and reliability.

Our organization has a proven record in providing the best talent pool for some of the leading organizations and brands.

Smart Employee Services creates an office environment which bridges physical distance and makes it possible to work with your extended team based in an offshore location in India. The lack of physical presence of the client does not impact the service delivery in any means as we deploy highly experienced resources to oversee and manage the operational team. The team of domain experts deliver on every aspect of what the SLA demands with a maximised focus on Critical to Quality (CTQ) and Critical to Process (CTP) standards laid out by us. The offshore team is equipped with all the necessary logistical, technological and operational requirement with regards to infrastructure, training, compliance and other facilities related to employees’ wellbeing. In a nut-shell, it’s pretty much like being an employee of the client but working out of a remote location and delivering the same standard of work at significantly lower people and process management cost.

Our spacious open plan office is supported by advanced network infrastructure, fast internet, servers, telecom, Computers, software and your staff is provided with the best technology and equipment. We follow best IT practices to ensure highest quality.

We follow best IT practices to ensure the highest quality, safety and security of our clients processes.

Smart Employees


We provide Smart workforce services to unleash the territorial boundaries and scarcity in talent. Our global talent bank in lead technologies and skillset will support client’s operational and technological requirements.

MacTec Smart People Solutions (SPPL) is a key to bridge the gap between swarms of skill sets among jobseekers / employees and the business requirements.

We aim to formulate the operational and technological strategies that help organizations to break through the challenges of outsourcing and offshoring.


MacTec offers best in class offshoring solutions for your business needs. A suite of custom- built, proprietary technology we tailor an offshoring solution for each business individually.

We work closely with our clients and get to know their needs and then prepare a plan based on their specific circumstances. Depending on the requirement and job description we either provide smart employee solutions from our existing repository or our dedicated solution team identifies your desired skillset.

MacTec has a pool of dedicated resources in variety of professions. We have now become a hub of the most talented professionals. You now have the opportunity to hire our exceptionally qualified, highly-skilled employees to directly work for your business.

Solutions Highlights:

No Capital Investment: No setup cost, overheads and risk
No Operations Management: No people management cost, admin and maintenance cost
No Recruitment Cost: No talent bank subscriptions, hiring team and advertisements
No Long term Contracts: No notice period cost and bench cost – we work with 30 days’ notice
No Liability: No employee taxes, labour laws, insurance and workmen compensations

How does it work

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Explain your requirement to us

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We share profiles and proposals

Choose the Best Solution

Interview, asses & confirm your choice

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